Concrete5 Tricks is a resource for professional web developers and designers who utilize the Concrete5 CMS.

This blog started in 2013, but our C5 experience dates back to 2009. And our web development experience goes even further - like the days before tables (for design) were un-cool (1999-ish).

Over the years, we've learned a great deal. This is our place to share and give back to the C5 community. Our hope is the knowledge we share will help current and future C5 professionals create wonderful websites and user experiences for both site visitors and site managers.

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Jordan Lev

Jordan Lev

Jordan's been an active member of the Concrete5 community since 2009. If you've spent time in the forums, he's probably contributed to a thread that's solved your problem. You may also be familiar with a few of his addons.

He has a degree in Business and for the last decade+ he's been working on the web as an agency man, a freelancer, and a business owner.

Outside of Concrete5 Tricks, Jordan is a Senior Developer and Partner at Web Concentrate. He spends most of his time finding elegant solutions to business problems and programming in the "backend" of a variety of web-based applications - primarily Concrete5.

Dan Letsche

Dan Letsche

Dan's been benefitting from C5 since early 2010. And with some years under his belt, he's ready to return the favor and share his knowledge.

He's schooled in Computer Science and spent 7+ years working in Higher Ed web as an undergrad, GA, and full-timer. In 2010, he left to start a web shop - a move largely sparked after discovering C5 and trusting it had the proper components for building great sites with happy clients.

Dan is a Senior Developer and Partner at Web Concentrate. He's a full-stack guy, but spends most of his time in the "frontend" taking (at times, making) beautiful designs and developing functional websites and C5 themes.