The "Page Search" feature of Concrete5 is insanely useful, but not very well-known (probably because it takes a backseat to the default "Full Sitemap" in the dashboard hierarchy). It's worth spending a little time playing around with it so you're aware of what it can do and how it might be useful in various situations.

screenshot of main dashboard menu with arrow pointing towards "Page Search" link

For example, I was asked recently by a client how they can locate all of the pages on their site that haven't been published yet. Their initial guess was to look in the "workflow" section (which makes perfect sense, because reviewing all of the un-published pages for approval is at the heart of workflow management)... but C5's workflow functionality is difficult to set up and understand, and was very much overkill for this particular situation. Instead, I directed them to the Page Search, where one of the many criteria you can filter on is "Approved Status".

  1. (After navigating to the "Page Search" dashboard page): Click the "Advanced Search" link at the top-right of the window.
  2. Click the "Add" button to add a new criteria
  3. Choose "Approved Version" from the dropdown list
  4. Check the "Unapproved" option
  5. Click the "Search" button.

screenshot of "Page Search" dashboard page with annotations on where to click to make an "unapproved pages" search

Note that you add as many criteria as you want -- for example you could find all unapproved pages that were created between a certain date range by a specific user (just click the "Add" button a few more times to get more criteria lines).

One More Thing

If you've ever created a custom attribute and wondered what the "Field available in Dashboard Page Search" option was all about...
screenshot of dashboard "Create New Page Attribute" page, with arrow pointing to "Field available in Dashboard Page Search" option
...well now you know!
screenshot of newly-added attribute in the "Page Search" dashboard page