By default, C5 outputs a <title> tag likes this:

<title>Site Name :: Page Name</title>

This format is defined in the C5 core and can be overridden in your site's config/site.php file.

Let's say you'd rather a format like we use on C5 Tricks - a pipe separator with the site and page names swapped. Just add this to your config/site.php:

// "%1$s" is site name. "%2$s" is page name.
define('PAGE_TITLE_FORMAT', '%2$s | %1$s');

This override will give you a <title> tag like this:

<title>Page Name | Site Name</title>

This makes it easy for you to use whatever title format you want.

Note: if you use the "Meta Title" custom attribute on your pages, this will have no effect as the "Meta Title" will take precedence.